IamHere: The Next Big Thing In The Technical World

Iamhere is a phenomenal app concept that is bringing socially similar people close to each other. It is a location-based app that lets people with same interest collaborate.

It is an app that lets people with similar interests, hobbies, professions, and even businesses to connect and grow. It is a large Bangalore based firm that provides a platform for locally socializing. IamHere app is exceptionally user-friendly in its interface, plus creating a profile here is a job of less than a few minutes. It is a crowdsourcing and community-controlled app, which means, here you can find and connect to people from various backgrounds. They share and learn and even adapt hobbies and interests if they find it fascinating.

It has a map feature that shows people who are looking forward to connecting with you. Additionally, if you wish to communicate with people, then you are shown on their maps so they can choose you.

You have a variety of Avatars based on your business, hobbies, or interests. There is also a chat system that comes with this app so that you can chat and socialize and stay connected.

It is unique than Facebook or Twitter because it is not a global interface and lets you connect to your neighborhood. As it is often seen that the people are connected to other people who live in a different continent but do not know who your neighbor is, this app is just perfect for them.

It is a highly technical AI-based app that has made a remarkable impact on society. You have to say “I am Here” after opening this app. Then this app enlists all the Avatars from the virtual world that are near you on the map. The Avatar can be anybody from a doctor to a tailor or blogger or college alum. Any profession can become an Avatar.

This app has a motto which is based on EVERYTHING AROUND YOU.

IamHere was launched in December 2017 but has gained a lot of users in less than two years. The users of this app sum up to a total of 20,000. There are about 3 lakh searches done on this app from the day it was launched.

It is a non-profit platform where you have no loss to any profit ratio. You can put up stories, chats, searches, events, and promotions to connect and socialize with different Avatars. All this is done with ultimate privacy and security. No information is leaked and used for profit purposes. It works in the most optimized manner that is possible.

There are certain NGOs who are also registered so that they can raise awareness and run campaigns. This app also helps NGOs create collection centers. You can successfully make donations to these NGOs that are nearby, and you can’t even imagine the number of NGOs near you.

IamHere adds 5000 novel users every month and expects about 10,000 NGOs to get on board with the services in every three months.

This application has great potential to invent new ways for people to connect and grow for good, especially in the social sector.

The co-founder and CEO of IamHere app had a great vision in his mind to connect like-minded people in the neighborhood who in return, could help each other grow in various forms.

All said the services this app provides like chatting, registration, live tracking, and communicating are seamlessly happening in today’s world. All this is maintained with utmost privacy and various anonymity levels.

IamHere can be the next big thing in the world of technology, paving its way to inspire the evolving startup ecosystem of India.

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