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Sivabalan is a young artist whose art is going to remind you of the richness of rural India and the native villages of India amidst our concrete jungle. He is from Kumbakonam, a town in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu. The town is known for its lush greenery and Cholas temples. He had an inclination towards art ever since he was a child which inspired him to get a Masters degree in fine arts from a prestigious institution in Kumbakonam. He works mostly with watercolours among all other kinds of colours which assists his goal is to produce Sivabalan paintings that remind the audience about our culture and tradition, especially the rural lifestyle. With all our lives changing at such fast paces, especially the city lifestyles, he wants to show the future generations how the past generations lived their lives and how the lifestyles changed through the passage of time with the help of his paintings. Although he works mostly with watercolours, he fancies oil paintings too. Sivabalan is quite an awardee, having won so many awards at the national level. His paintings are a feast for true art lovers.

He had participated in numerous solo as well as group shows in various major cities across our country like Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Thanjavur, Madhurai, Cochin as well as abroad including San Francisco, New York, Singapore, Malaysia. He had started doing his shows since 1997 and is still going strong. He has participated in so many art exhibitions in Pondicherry, Coimbatore, New Delhi, Chennai, Thanjavur, Kumbakonam. Rajasthan, Visakhapatnam, Bangalore and many others. He has conducted quite a few art workshops as well in our country. He has many private collections in India as well as abroad.

Sivabalan paintings

This artist has his very own website called where you can read about the artist’s career tree, about his shows, camps and exhibitions. Below is a list of 8 most famous paintings by this artist.

  • Group
  • Ganesha
  • Urchavam 3
  • Urchavam 2
  • Urchavam
  • Blessing
  • Happiness
  • Entertime

Are the above paintings were made of watercolour on paper. The last one on the list, ‘Entertime’, is sold out in most of the online websites. It’s the most exquisite of all his paintings. His paintings depict Photorealism and Impressionism. He is an artist who is prolific in what he does. His paintings, made of bright tones, captures the essence of all the aspects of our culture, tradition and rural lifestyle that he intended to. His paintings are priced around 22,000-70000 on various websites on the internet. Let us present you with a list of websites where you can get his paintings from.


First three are top places where just artworks are sold. And the last one, as you know, is amazon where you can find everything. Make it fast. Go grab the best quality artworks of this artist from the above websites and decorate your houses and offices. Buy for yourself or gift someone you care about and make their day.

You might as well check his paintings on Pinterest. There are so many boards on the app with his paintings pinned. You can search on the app manually with his name or find him under Indian Artists where he is trending on Pinterest.

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