Best Gif Software For Windows 10

In today’s era where the maximum impact within the minimum time is key to a successful communication, gifs (graphics interchange format) are one of the most effective and engaging tool for executing the same. While the debate on the correct way to pronounce “gif” is an ongoing one, it is undeniable that the popularity of gifs today proves the age-old adage; ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. Since gifs are made of two or more pictures, it is undeniably worth more than a thousand words. Soif you are looking for the best gif software for windows 10? Below is a list of the best software for making gifs on Windows 10. Check them out!


Positives: Includes the features of editor, viewer, page merging, animated gif, colour picker, photo spliter, crop, and etc. The software is user-friendly and several users have indicated that this is one of the easiest softwares to use. It has a good user interface and can be imported to various formats. It also has an adjustable canvas size.

Negatives:  Some users found it to be a relatively slow software and a one which takes up a lot of memory, which may be an unnecessary load for users who do not need it for professional use.

Gifted Motion

Positives: The software does not need any added installations and is compatible with all operating systems. JAVA is used in this software and it supports JPEG, PNG, BMP and GIF formats. It has no licensing costs and allows you to edit existing images and has been reported as being relatively easy to use. Gifted Motion has a small download size and a preview function which makes it easier for users to make changes before finalising the gif. It has a free license, although with limited features.

Negatives: It has relatively few features with a basic output quality and takes time to load large or multiple images.


Positives: It allows users to convert video formats to gif and has auto transition effects as well as an adjustable canvas size. It has been tested as easy to use and has a clean user interface. GifApp also supports multiple formats and has a free license available in open source.

Negatives: Takes a long time to convert videos to gifs since the process of extracting frames is time consuming in this software. Its development has been discontinued.


Positives: AnimateGif has a free license for use, and is designed to be user-friendly. It has a clean and easy-to-use interface and a small download size.

Negatives: The canvas size cannot be adjusted and there is no user control over the final output. It has a small user interface and offers limited functions, which means that the quality of the gif is likely to be less smooth and will allow a limited scope for personalization.

Microsoft Gif Animator

Positives: Microsoft Gif Animator has a free license and is a portable software created by Microsoft. It has some advanced features such as looping and combining multiple files into one gif. It also allows users to set the delay duration for each frame to redraw frames, control the transparency and other such finer details. The app permits relatively more control to the users over the final output and a greater attention to detail.

Negatives: It has quite a small user interface and is no longer being developed by Microsoft.

SSuite Gif Animator

Positives: It is compatible with all windows software including 32 bit and 64 bit software. It has a small download size and allows users to set the time intervals for each image. It uses less energy since it is a green software and can be used to make movies and slideshows as well as for making gifs. SSuite Gif Animator does not require users to be registered with windows and is efficient in terms of energy use.

Negatives: It does not support formats apart from JPG, JPEG, BMP and PNG files. Besides frame speed and output, users cannot control the other features and is therefore limited in terms of users’ autonomy over the final outcome or ability to customise the gifs.

Online Gif Animators


Positives: It is easy to use, supports a wide range of formats, and allows users to import files from galleries such as Picasa and Flickr. One interesting feature is that it is available for use in multiple languages such as Spanish, English, Russian and Portuguese. It allows you to personalise the size and speed of the frame and does not impose a watermark on the gif. A high level of user control along with the scope to add their own avatar is also offered to the users.

Negatives: There is a limit on the number of files that can be uploaded, which is as low as 10 at a time and the images have to be selected one at a time. It also contains several advertisements.


Positives: It has as many as 30 effects and 20 different frame options. GifPal allows users to control the speed and size of the frame and allows you to upload 24 images at one go and they can have full control over the output. There is no watermark on the gif and you can control even minute details such as saturation level and contrast and add effects such as thermal or charcoal. It has a high level of customization and allows you to save the final output online as well as offline.

Negatives: This application is only available for online use, so access to internet is a limitation.

Make a Gif

Positives: Make a Gif does not imprint a watermark on the gif and allows users to personally control the size and speed of each frame. It has a limit of 20 images to be uploaded at a time but allows users to upload them at one go instead of having to select each image individually. Easy and free to use, this makes for a reliable platform to make gifs.

Negatives: It does not have too many features to refine the finer aspects of each image or add a customized style to the final product. The site is not censored and may not be suitable for use by children.


Positives: It allows users to upload images from their personal galleries, or from galleries such as Flickr, or even YouTube. It allows safe browsing and is relatively more efficient.

Negatives: It is restricted to a limit of 10 images at a time and each image has to be separately selected. It offers limited features, adds a watermark, and does not allow a great degree of user control on the final output.

The list enumerated above of six offline and four online software are compatible for use with Windows 10 devices and have been claimed to be the best available options, depending on how much space you have on your laptop and what is the purpose for which you would create gifs, for fun or for professional use. The above list is a comprehensive one, providing users with various options depending on their individual gif requirements.

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